In Astur Pins, we engage in improving the presence of your brand in the market. One of the biggest challenges of the current market is to offer a good product at an affordable price. We have professional staff ready to assist you in the moment of your make your order or just help you choosing the best option for your business.
We are a company with a custom and special service. And so are our products. We offer pins, key chains, flags, cufflinks, magnets, tie-clips, name-tags, t-shirts, scarves, pens, bracelets, post-cards, seals, coasters, lighters, patches, necklaces, medals, commemorations… We have it all! And the best thing is that all these products are fully customizable to suit your needs.
Many companies contact us because they want to give a more solid impression of themselves, strengthen their brand by giving custom products to their customers and employees so they take your brand logo everywhere.
Do you need medals for some event? We manufacture custom medals; Astur Pins is your best ally.
Do you need pins for your employees or events? We can produce any type of pin; we help you choosing the best materials and colors for your design.
Worried about not being fashionable? In Astur Pins we make sure that our products are stylish, with the best designs and color combinations.
At the end, what we all look for when we are choosing a provider is high quality and custom assistance because every customer is different and need different attentions.
In Astur Pins we take care of all these aspects, because for us is very important to give the best of us along with the best products. This is what we do:
Receive an order: Firstly, we take note of everything the customer wants for his product, then we produce a first artwork for him, so he can appreciate the quality of the product and different varieties.
Creation: if the customer can’t find a nice design, he can always delegate that task in our artistic department to create a unique and custom product for him that will help him outstanding among his competitors.
Shipping: This is a very important process that should be taken into account and that’s why in Astur Pins we prepare every order very carefully so we can be sure the product will arrive in perfect state.
Final assistance: Many will think that the work is over once the product has been sent, but Astur Pins will be there until you receive it and are fully satisfied with the results.