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Large companies are constantly advertising to grow their brand, so they must stamp their logo everywhere to attract attention, and if that’s what it’s all about, the best option is to use the custom stamps.

These instruments print the image you want on a paper, and consist of a small plate, where the figure to be engraved is placed, as well as a handle that allows you to hold it, to facilitate its use.

As well as being an advertising tool, our personalised stamps give documents greater diplomacy and confidence, which is very important in these situations, as it indicates credibility and security.

The personalised seals can be used by any company, large or small, as well as by federations that want to give their documents legality, as the image represents the whole group and gives it a legal character.

The best personalised stamps with the logo of your company, brand or the design you like best are available from Astur Pins. Stamps for the office, for clothes, for weddings and for all kinds of events. Contact Astur Pins to know more about our personalised stamps.


Stamps are small instruments that allow you to stamp figures or signs on paper. They consist of a handle and a small plate, which carries the desired engravings. These engravings are transferred to the paper with the help of ink. In this post, we will show you what types of stamps exist and their benefits. Don’t miss out!

Customised stamps are the instruments par excellence used for centuries to mark and give an article and/or document that perfect individual attribute of differentiation and diplomacy.

The use of the stamp affirms the content of a document and gives strength to each of the elements displayed.
Personalised stamps are synonymous with the credibility and respect shown to envelopes, legal documents, cards, postcards and other elements that display an image or logo sealed in ink.

Personalised stamps for transport lines, sports teams or federations, churches, condominium boards, recreational centres, clubs and other institutions are also outstanding.

They are associated with natural, legal or legal figures and the matrix is the instrument used for stamping. The stamp symbolises the personal imprint and is the result of the sealing action.


These usually come in a variety of sizes. Because of this, and the use to which it is put, there are several types of stamps. Of these, you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. Among the types of stamps you can find the following:

The great demand that exists in the market has made that the personalized stamps present/display diverse types, because thus they adapt to the necessities of the groups that want to acquire one of these, and they are differentiated according to the form and its size.

Standard Stamps

They are called this because they are the most common. Its measures are the most requested, besides being the most practical at the time of manufacture. Within them, varied designs can be made. From a simple letter to a company logo. 
You can find circular and rectangular. In addition, it is necessary to have an ink pad to use them.

These are the most common on the market, as their sizes are in great demand. These customised stamps can have different designs, you can find them in a square or rectangle shape, and you need an ink pad to use it.

Self-inking stamps

Also called automatic. These have an ink pad inside. This means that, when you print the design on the paper, all you have to do is press it in the desired place. This is done without first passing it through the ink pad by hand. 

Generally, the grip is different from standard stamps, being more ergonomic. They are easy to handle, and are designed to be durable under constant use.

They are also known as automatic stamps, because when used, you only have to press where you want to place it, as it has an internal ink pad, and they are ergonomic, as well as being easy to handle.

Dating stamps

It is a label in which the recording is not fixed, as in the case of the other labels. It has some bands that can slide. Thanks to this, the desired date can be placed before the stamp is printed on paper.

This stamp has the particularity that it does not have fixed recording, and has sliding bands that allow you to use the date you want at the time of stamping.

Automatic repeat stamps

These stamps are very similar to the previous stamps. However, they are listed sequentially. This means that for each stamp, the moving bands move automatically. This means that for each stamp, the moving bands are automatically moved, so that the operating time can be optimised.

Customised stamps of this type are used for sequential numbering, and therefore have automatic moving bands to facilitate this work.

High resolution stamps

It is also called the Flash Seal. Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to obtain a stamp that has a high resolution. This means that the designs can have a greater amount of detail in the printing of the same.

They are a very recent style, which is designed with advanced technology that allows the stamps to be seen with high resolution, and in this way the details of the design can be properly appreciated.

Pocket stamps

These work as a small self-inking seal. Generally, it is used to print a personal signature, your data or a small logo. They are so practical that they can be carried on a key ring, ready for whatever you need.

Designed exclusively for personal signatures or small logos, due to their size, these custom seals are ideal for carrying in your trouser pocket in a practical way and ready to use.

Embossing Stamps

These have an engraving on a metal plate. It must be made of a hard material, because it is printed on a soft material. Thus, the relief with the desired design is well marked.

It is one of the most used, because its engraving is made on a metal plate of very good quality and resistant, and the stamped design is observed with a very noticeable and marked relief.

Creativity has no limits or boundaries when conceptualizing and designing a custom stamp.

That is, there are no fixed parameters in terms of size, shape and content. Stamps can take on any shape, but the most notable ones are those with a round, oval or rectangular shape.

There are many different types of customised stamps. A representative sample of the existing total is listed below:

1. Stamps with logos.
2. Stamps with emblems.
Stamps with personal data (initials, names and surnames).
4. Stamps with school identification numbers.
5. Stamps with religious or sporting themes.
6. Stamps with emoticons or figures.
7. School stamps.

The size of the customised stamp is expected to be moderate and discreet. So that
do not obstruct the visibility of the exposed content. And that at the same time the
art that composes the mark or imprint of the stamp.


When modifying a stamp, it is essential to know what you want to print. Whether it is a logo, a phrase or a signature. It is important, because that is what will happen to the rubber that contains the stamp. On the other hand, it is necessary to choose the colour of the ink you wish to use. 

In some cases, the stamps are monochrome, and they can also contain several colours. This depends mainly on the type of stamp you want, as all stamps do not accept more than one colour.

The stamp housing can also be customised. In some cases, it is made of wood, in others it is made of reusable plastic, or even with much more resistant materials. All of this must be chosen with the use of the personalised seal in mind. Taking into account the amount of use or how long it will be used.

Nowadays, organizations in tendency to provide professional services or inherent to any area of the economy, stand out for having their own personalized seal.

For this reason, if you are a businessman, you can set up your own personalized seal for your company and/or business right now. You must take into account the organizational values you want your company or business to project.



Stamps as office supplies in a company are often vital. There are several reasons for this. One of them is the professionalism of the company. A company that has its stamps has much more credibility than one where only the president’s signature is valid.

The appropriate use of the personalised seal has the main benefit of the trust and guarantee of knowing that the document is 100% original and reliable. The personal seal gives you the validation that every company or professional deserves for the distribution of
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One of the accessories that companies should have is a personalized stamp, since it has many advantages, such as bringing professionalism and credibility to it, which will attract many more customers to try their products.

In addition, it gives any document veracity and legality, so that it can be accepted everywhere thanks to the fact that it is stamped with the name or logo of the company.

Frequent uses of the stamps

The use of seals can make employees, customers and suppliers see a much more constituted company. On the other hand, it can also avoid confusion within and outside the company.

Seals can make communication between employees as well as communication between the company and customers more formal. Thus, confusion is reduced. Finally, the use of stamps can be beneficial when processing a large amount of documents.

The use of stamps in a large flow of documents, makes the response time optimized.
This applies in cases of documents where procedures are authorised, for example.

There are many different uses for personalised stamps, and the main one is that the company will look good if one of these accessories is used, and it can also help to avoid confusion or false documents.

In addition, it is an accessory that speeds up the processing of certain documents, especially those related to procedure authorization, since by simply placing the stamp you are approving the process to be carried out.

For these reasons, every company should have one of our personalised seals, which gives it credibility and security, as well as being very useful for getting more clients to help with its growth.

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