Custom scarfs of the highest quality at the best price only in Astur Pins. We will advice you and help you during all the customization process so you can get the best custom scarves.


Scarves have been for many years a perfect complement to people’s clothing. So, they can be used for any kind of occasion and event. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to customize it to your style.

These accessories are mainly used to cover the neck, due to their long and semi-crowned construction. However, our customised scarves can be used for many other functions.

In addition to that, the various embroidery and manufacturing techniques we use to make them, give them originality and personality. They are therefore more eye-catching than others, so they capture everyone’s attention better.

The design you are going to choose for the personalized scarf you want, can have anything from figures, logos or coats of arms, to initials and even the full name of that special person to whom you can give this accessory.

For these reasons, customised scarves are the ideal accessory for many people to complete their outfit with the design they prefer. In this way, they can achieve the greatest possible appeal.

What are customised scarves?

The scarf is the accessory that has complemented people’s clothing for centuries. Generally speaking, it is a long, half-necked garment used to cover mainly the neck. It is known as a kind of band with a loose fall and
Did you know that you can buy customised scarves?

The making, embroidery and personalization of scarves represents without any doubt an attribute of originality. At the same time it is synonymous with genuine personal good taste and loyalty to a brand, sports team or institution.

It is a multifunctional garment that does not distinguish age, sex or culture. We make them considering and integrating 100% the scheme of your ideas and purpose of use.

Keep in mind that in the personalized scarves everything is valid, since you can include from the initials or any of the letters of a person’s name. As well as logos, coats of arms, flags, in short all kinds of illustrations or figures with which you

We say that the customised scarf is multipurpose, given that anyone wearing such a scarf on the neck will not go unnoticed, and at the same time it manages to protect the covered body area while being in tune with current fashion.

Use of the customised scarves

Initially, the customised scarves were made to cover the neck during the winter season, to prevent this part of the body from being exposed to low temperatures. However, this has changed over time.

Nowadays, they are not only used for this purpose, as a great variety of figures can now be added to make these accessories stand out and be attractive.

On the other hand, companies can use our customised scarves as an advertising strategy, since just by placing the logo of the brand or the name of the organisation, it will be visible to many people, thanks to the bright colours that these accessories have.

Also, many people can request the embroidery of some shield, like the one of a football team. This is a representation of their fanaticism and they can also put up their country’s flag, which can indicate their feeling of belonging.

Finally, our personalised scarves are widely used as a gift, as they can be decorated with the name of the person to whom they are going to give this accessory, as well as a figure that serves as a souvenir of that special moment.

Customized scarves for events

Customised scarves are ideal for the participants of an event or ceremony to wear. They carry a special symbolism, as they are a memory to be kept for life.

For example, buy personalised scarves for school graduations that include the number of the promotion. As well as the coat of arms of the institution and initials of each of the graduates.

At the same time, personalised scarves are great for family gatherings, where all members of the family group and loved ones will wear this beautiful present. Also ideal for baptisms, birthdays, communions, weddings or any
type of holiday.

In this order of ideas, we offer you personalized scarves so that you can complement the look of your sports team. As well as for you, entrepreneur who wants to strengthen the image and corporate values of your company in your employees, the
customised scarves are ideal.

You can order them from us individually or as a series of pieces of your choice.

We can also produce customised scarves with the logo or print of your choice. These are an original and functional gift. Remember something you can generate a pattern of complete harmony and union when all the
Participants of your events will wear one of our classic and modern customised scarves.

Customised scarves of the best quality and at the best price with Astur Pins. We advise and help you during the whole process so that you can get the best possible scarves.

Types of personalised scarves

Our customised scarves are made using various techniques that make them special and unique. Therefore, there are several types you can choose to combine with the figure you have planned and achieve the best result.

Scarf loom

It is one of the most requested personalized scarves, it is made with acrylic wool threads on one side only, and it has some fringes that match the colours of any garment. They can even have up to a maximum of four colours.

High definition scarf

This type of accessory is similar to the customised fabric scarf. But it is worth mentioning, that with the difference that you can use a greater number of colours to make your design, and the images that it shows have a higher level of definition, it is an excellent option to wear.

Sublimated scarf

Customised scarves of this type are made from polyester silk, which makes them a little lighter, so they have more elaborate designs. Besides that, they are made on both sides, and there is no inconvenience in using different colours.

Circular scarf

These scarves are made with polyester thread, and are the most elegant, although due to their material they are not highly recommended for extremely cold seasons. On the other hand, they can be made on both sides and only allow up to four colours.

Any of these customised scarves is ideal to achieve your goal, whether it is to get great publicity, give a nice gift or show support for your favourite team. Similarly, with its attractive models you will attract the attention of the whole place.