The best custom cloth patches are in Astur Pins. Design them as you wish, with your picture or logo, and choose which material you prefer. Contact us to know more about our custom patches.

Patches are accessories used mainly as a badge, as they allow you to identify yourself as a member of a group of any kind, and can be customized in various ways to achieve this.

The customised patches are made to measure and with very good quality materials, which guarantees that they will remain well attached to the garment in which you are going to place them, and the variety of designs allows these accessories to be completely original.

Our personalized patches can be made with fabric to be embroidered on the garment more easily, but also with thermoadhesives and rubber with relief, so you have many options to choose the one you prefer.

Likewise, you can bring your own design and with the colours you want, we will take care of making the ideal custom patch model and with the perfect size for you to add a great attraction to your wardrobe.

Uses of the customised patches

Our customised patches are ideal for use in a variety of ways, but their main purpose is to identify the different people and groups at an event.

Companies use the custom patches for this purpose, although where you can see this most is within educational institutions and sports clubs, in addition many organizations use it to capture the attention of others and invite them to join.

One area where these accessories are widely used is in handicrafts, as they are perfect complements to include badges or any other image in the decoration you are making.

Some people use our personalized patches to cover up any damage to clothes such as shirts, trousers and even shoes, which also gives them greater appeal and originality. 

Types of personalised patches

The personalized patches differ according to the design they present, as there are infinite models, however, there are some that are widely used by people.

One of the most classic ones used are the customised flag patches, which can be combined with coats of arms of different federations and clubs, to maintain the sense of belonging.

There are also designs that work as a nice souvenir of some special event, as a symbolic element representing that event, and you can add some words to it to make it more iconic.

There are many models of customised patches, so they are ideal to be used on any occasion, and in this way capture the attention of everyone in the place. 

Customised military and law enforcement patches

Patches are the ideal accessory for Law Enforcement and Security Forces. They are the ideal element used as a distinctive feature of the unit to which each member belongs and are also used in mountain groups, skiing groups or climbing groups that involve risk.

These are embroidered patches, fabric patches or heat-adhesive patches that allow the wearer to be easily identified. Whatever patch you are looking for, we at Astur Pins will manufacture, design and personalise it to your taste and size and the material you want.

Collection of personalized patches

There are also many collectors who include this product among their peculiar and extravagant collection of hard-to-get products. Our company is able to satisfy all these needs of our customers and we invite you to contact us.

In Astur Pins you can find the best personalized patches in the market. Make your own designs and get the best quality personalised patches of the type you prefer.

Embroidered patches, fabric patches, thermo-adhesive patches and rubber patches with relief, whatever type of patch you are looking for, here you can find the best quality at the best price.

Benefits of customised patches

In the market there are several companies that offer a variety of patches, where you can choose between several types of design and multiple sizes, however, our custom patches offer many more advantages.

The main benefit of the custom patches is its originality, because you can bring the figure you want, with the most varied colours and choose the size of your preference to get the perfect design and with the ideal measure.

In addition, you have the ability to choose between different systems of fixing, according to the garment on which you are going to place our custom patch, can be embroidered in fabric, glued with a thermoadhesive or rubber relief, which works for other surfaces.

You can choose the thread that you like most for the manufacture of custom patches, because we have a huge variety of these, besides selecting the type of finish, which can be embroidered, printed, or a combination of both.

Collectors who are looking for extravagant and unique designs will find here the ideal place, since with the diversity of options that we present we can adapt our personalized patches to what they want.