There are few gifts that you can give that are more intimate and personal than necklaces. Show that special person what he/she means to you with a custom necklace fully designed by yourself.


Many people are always looking for the perfect gift for their partners, closest friends or family, and without doubt one of the best gifts to give are personalised pendants.

These pieces of jewellery are perfect as they emphasise elegance, and are generally used by women to combine with some formal dress, although nowadays there are various types that can be used for any occasion.

Customized pendants are full of emotions, as they are very appreciated details, and their great variety allows you to choose multiple models to please that special person in the best way.

If you want an original design, you can bring your own, as our personalized pendants are perfectly adapted to the model of your preference, so you only have to combine it as you prefer and you will have your ideal gift.

There are few gifts that can be more intimate and personal than a personalized pendant. Show that special person what they mean to you with a pendant designed by yourself, with the image you want and in the material you choose.

More than just a custom pendant design, this is a special art form. A different way to leave a small mark, a memory that will last. You are doing something special when you give that person a unique pendant.

They are perfect gifts and the best way to express yourself, adding emotions, personal characteristics and beliefs. A personalized pendant means that you are devoting time, thought and energy to planning a gift, so no one will have the jewellery you offer.

Everything you create is yours, and your design cannot be repeated by anyone else in the world. You make your own special work of art, which reflects you and your loved ones.

What are custom pendants?

Pendants are defined as a piece of jewellery that represents elegance, ideally used for formal wear mainly by women. However, this theme has been evolving where we can see different variations for use at all times, it is no longer necessary to dress up to wear a pendant.

Due to its wide range at present, we can choose and personalize destinations to your measure, either the initial of your name, some figure that represents you or can somehow promote the brand of your company in an elegant and professional way.

Types of personalised pendants

There are many options when it comes to choosing a custom pendant, as you can find many types on the market, with different sizes and designs, so it will be difficult to decide which is the right one.

1.Design with initials

This is one of the most popular personalised pendants, as it is inscribed with the initials of the person to whom you are giving the gift, and combines simplicity with elegance, which is why it is so popular.

2.Cartoon design

Cartoons and comics can also be a good figure for our customised pendants, as they are very original and will add style to the person wearing them.

3.Design with logos

Customized pendants serve as a good advertising strategy, so you only have to stamp your company logo on these accessories and you will have the perfect way to stand out from the competition.

4.Design with statues

If you like sculptures, you have the opportunity to have a replica of any of them on your neck, as our custom pendants have designs in this style.

5.Design with prints

They are ideal for different celebrations, such as birthdays, baptisms or births, and can be given to guests to keep a souvenir of the moment.

6.Laser engraved designs

This is a model that uses molten glass and combines it with laser engraving to achieve a totally unique effect on the custom pendants.

7.Wooden designs

One of the most beautiful finishing materials is wood, so our customised pendants can also be made from this very good quality material.

There are many options when it comes to customising your pendant, it can be small and simple or large and striking. They will be something beautiful like the ones we will show below:

Design with initials: it is quite popular, simple and elegant for every occasion.
Cartoon design: If you love comics, surely you’ve seen some of these designs, are unique and stylish customization.  
Design with logos: This type of customization serves as a strategy or present that represents your brand or business. A good gift to stand out from the competition.
Statue design: These are great for religious figures, identical replicas on a miniature scale.
Designs with baby print: Ideally personalized for celebrations, a pendant to give to your guests who want to immortalize that wonderful moment with your baby.
Laser engraved designs: This type of model is personalized with fused glass and laser engraved showing a peculiar enough style that with unique effect.
Wooden designs: If you like pendants and want to take it with you wherever you go, you should try the personalized wooden pendants, they are just what you need to take with you every day.
How to personalize a pendant?

There are many ways to design your custom pendant, such as adding a precious stone or a specific chain style. This unique piece of jewellery can be moulded into any number of shapes, sizes, colours and materials, and your creativity is certainly the limit!

Benefits of using custom pendants

The benefits that offer you the personalized pendants for being a piece of jewellery that prints elegance, besides having a huge variety, originality and beauty, are many, so you must take them into account to buy the best option.

One of the greatest benefits that these accessories present is the great emotional value, because you take the time to find the perfect design, so that that person remembers the moment as one of the best and has a great sentimental charge.

On the other hand, many companies offer you different designs and models of customized pendants, so you can choose the one you like the most. However, sometimes you can’t find that perfect accessory to give as a gift, and the best option would be to use your own model.

For this reason, our customised pendants can be manufactured following all your guidelines, you just have to have your own design, size and colours, so that we take care of creating that perfect element to give as a gift. 

A customised pendant makes the jewellery a craft. Having a unique piece is a great way to commemorate an event or an important milestone. Whether you are interested in one, here are two benefits.

1.- Feeling

Personalised pendants have an emotional value, both for the giver and the receiver. By creating something specifically for another person, you can incorporate specific design elements into your relationship with the recipient of the piece.
Receiving something that you know was created just for you, by someone you care about, will make that piece more special and a treasure to be kept forever.

2.- Creativity

Sometimes, there is simply nothing even remotely close to what you are looking for.
Creating a custom piece allows you to bring your most creative ideas to life and make something that is completely unique.

Common uses of custom pendants

Being such a versatile and meaningful piece, custom pendants are popularly
used as gifts, since you can express all the emotions you feel towards that
loved one. As for example in the following occasions:

  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Birthday
  • Public holidays
  • Reminders

These are just some of the main reasons, however, there is no particular inspiration for customised pendants.

Design your own custom pendant with us

Surprise your loved ones with stunning custom pendants created especially for them! Whether you are looking for a unique birthday gift, or want to commemorate a special occasion, our designs are a great way to show your friends, family and loved ones how much you care.

You can also design your own pendant with our expert artists, to show your unique style or tell a personal story. Also, if you already know exactly what you are looking for or simply want to create a beautiful piece of jewellery, we will design and create the perfect pendant for you.