Name-tags are one of the easier ways to know the name and the charge of the people you are talking to. Their simplicity and low-price make them one of the most demanded companies to identify their employees. With Astur Pins you will be able to fully customize your name tags with your colours and logo. 


Name-tags are articles that are mainly used by companies or groups, as they are responsible for indicating the name and position of the person using them as identification, so they are personalised according to the organisation and position of the person.

Our customised name-tags can have different designs, colours or emblems that help to identify the bearer more easily, together with the logo of the company you are working with, which also works as an advertising for your brand.

These accessories can be seen in many places, as they are very easy to design and customize, and you have the opportunity to bring the design you want for us to print it.

Its low cost makes it a perfect item to order in large quantities, which is why it has been used in many places since its creation, and you can choose the perfect personalized name-tags for your company.

What are name-tags?

Name-tags, badges, name holders or simply identifiers are a very striking way to identify the person who uses it, besides serving also to point out the position of its holder by means of its title, colours, logos or recognisable emblems.

More than a personal badge, name-tags are a symbol of recognition for a brand, company or business premises, which also serves as advertising for its logo, while allowing the workers of the company to be formally and easily recognised.

Although their function is very basic, these name-tags have become a fashion within advertising agencies, as their easy customisation makes them increasingly in demand by different industries.

Name-tags, or identifiers, are one of the easiest ways to know the name and position of the person you are talking to. Their simplicity and low price make them a very requested product by companies to identify their employees. With Astur Pins you will be able to personalise your name-tags completely to your taste with the colours and logo of your company. Contact us to know more about our name-tags.

These name tags are one of the best methods to create a feeling of belonging and unity among your employees, being part of a team. You can get them in different materials and qualities to make sure you have exactly the product you are looking for.

Types of name-tags

Name tags can be found as standard in any variety shop, the disadvantage of this is that they usually only offer simple paper identifiers, however, there are many other types of badges.

Self-adhesive paper name tags, easily accessible, very low cost but disposable,
In addition, children tend to tear off their clothes very easily.
Wooden name tags, somewhat unusual but still very prominent among the others, their
style has a variety of wood tones and different types of engraving.
Aluminium name tags are lightweight and not very customisable due to their material but
quite durable.
Plastic name tags, PVC is a resistant, stainless material, easy to personalize
and light to use. The designs used in this material allow the product to display
a 3D finish due to the depth shown by its lines.
Name tags of much more durable materials such as stainless steel, we can
in various metallic colours such as gold, silver or bronze. They have
fine edges that make the name more eye-catching, it also has a
external silicone that adds a delicate glass look to the design inside.

If you want to choose the best personalized name-tags to use, you must know that there are different types that adapt to the needs and tastes of people, according to the material with which they are manufactured.

Self-adhesive paper name-tags

These are personalized name-tags of very easy access, since its cost is very low, this is because they are disposable reason why they are used frequently for diverse events where you want to have a control of the guests.

Wooden Name-tags

This option is very rare, which is why they are ideal if you want to stand out from the crowd. Their style has various wood shades, as well as a variety of engraving styles, so you can combine them to your liking.

Aluminium Name-tags

One of the most widely used are our customised aluminium name-tags, as they are light and durable, thanks to the strength of the material from which they are made, although they are not very customisable.

Plastic Name-tags

This type of custom name-tag is made from PVC, which is a highly resistant material, as well as being easily customisable and stainless, they are very simple to use and can display a 3D finish that makes them even more attractive.

Stainless steel name-tags

They are the most durable custom name-tags, thanks to the material with which they are made, and can be found in a wide variety of colours, such as bronze, silver or gold. They also have fine edges that make the name more striking.

How to personalize the name-tags?

To make these fabulous name tags, it will be essential to keep in mind a couple of tips like the following:

1. Choose very well the material that you will implement in your meta-tags, either PVC plastic, aluminium or even wood.

2. Determine with an expert in design, the correct logo and image for a specific size of badge. Remember that the images must be of high quality.

3. Choose the shape your name tag will have, rectangular, oval, or some other specific shape.

4. Indicate the range of colours you want to use or in case you use 3D prints edit the whole design in one image, include the name and position of the person.

5. You can also choose the colour of the edges! We recommend using metallic colours for the edges, so you can achieve a perfect finish.

Benefits of using name-tags

Without a doubt, Name Tags are an indispensable tool in work environments that have, above all, contact with the public, as this allows clients to have a more direct relationship with their server and establishes a more pleasant and personal atmosphere.

Name tags also allow:

The immediate identification of their owner.
It transmits a feeling of belonging and work commitment.
It favours interpersonal relations and, therefore, establishes a better environment
It promotes the company brand, the product logo or the name of the association that
acquired it.

The main advantage of our personalized name-tags is that it allows you to identify yourself within a company with its members, as well as with the people who come to the company’s premises, however, this is not the only benefit it presents.

These accessories provide a sense of belonging and commitment to the company with which you are working, as well as favouring relations between employees, which leads to greater understanding and better work performance.

As far as marketing is concerned, our customised name-tags work as an excellent advertising strategy, since you only have to place your company’s logo and all the people who see this accessory will be able to admire it.

Frequent uses of name-tags

Although it may seem that name tags only work as a name holder, the truth is that they fulfil many other functions, and this depends on what they are to be implemented in.

Self-adhesive paper name tags are inexpensive and widely used at children’s parties, on the first day of school and at amusement parks, as these are places where children need to be identified. They are disposable and produced by dozens.

On the other hand, plastic name tags are used to engrave short and precise data, such as the position and name of the person. On the other hand, stainless steel name tags are products with a higher finish, and therefore, they are more sophisticated and are used in office work, customer service or in highly prestigious meetings and conferences.

Our personalised name tags are accessories used for a great number of things, since they do not only serve as identification in the working environment, for which the stainless steel ones are generally used, since in other places they are considered for other purposes.

The personalized name-tags made of self-adhesive paper are frequently used for children’s parties where you want to identify the children who attend, due to its economy and easy way to put on and take off.

In addition, these accessories can be used to place accurate data, in addition to the name and position they represent, for which personalized plastic name-tags are generally used.

You can choose the type you want for a great number of situations, the important thing is that our personalized name-tags have the necessary quality, besides an incredible originality that allows you to decide which one is the best for you and your company.

Design your own name-tags with us

The originality of the Name Tags comes from their own manufacturers, which is why our team has the best graphic design training for the digitalisation of your logo or brand. In this way, together, we will find the perfect contrast between your ideas and our experience.

Don’t worry about quality, as our materials are top of the range and our products have the seal of quality guaranteed. Our commitment is to meet each of our clients’ requirements and satisfy their needs, including punctuality, price, design and quality.

We specialize in designing and making the best Name Tags that you will know, put your ideas in our hands and you will get the desired product. We invite you to observe our work in detail. What are you waiting for?