All big event or competition has its greatest moment in the award ceremony. Organize the best events and make sure they leave a mark thanks to the custom medals from Astur Pins. You will be able to design them as you wish, including the picture and inscription that you want, and choosing the material you prefer.



Great achievements in different areas of life are always worthy of recognition, so various accessories are used to convey gratitude to the person, and one of the most used are the personalized medals.

The personalized medals are accessories made with the highest quality materials, and with totally original designs for each occasion, whether it is a military, sports, academic or any other type of event.

We give you the opportunity to bring your own model, because our personalized medals can be adapted to the figure you want to achieve a unique finish, with the colour, shape and thickness you want.

These accessories are made with the best techniques, so they are sculpted, cast, moulded and struck in the best way, so that the result is the right one, besides being able to mark or print a portrait, a badge or any other image.

The ribbons that are placed together with our customised medals also have a touch of originality, as you can choose the colour that you like best to combine with your accessory and make it a totally special piece to commemorate the event.

Personalized medals for events

Another of the star products we work with at Astur Pins are medals. The medals have been sculpted, moulded, cast, struck, stamped or marked with an insignia, portrait or artistic representation. Many organisations or clubs that hold competitions are our main clients for this product.

The medal may be awarded to an individual or organization as a form of recognition for sporting, military, scientific, academic or other championship achievements. Medals are usually hung on a ribbon, which can also be customized by colour, thickness and shape.

Although there are many different shapes and materials, medals are usually metal discs in a similar shape to coins, but with a larger diameter and a pronounced relief. 

It is therefore synonymous with honour, prize or decoration. It also usually bears a description inside.

Medals were first recorded in Roman times under the Emperor Augustus, who was characterised by a specific and specialised production technique, relegated to the exclusive use of the most distinguished emperors and legionnaires.

Any competition or event that is worthy of the name requires an excellent award ceremony, the highlight of any tournament or championship. At Astur Pins, we give shape to the ideas you have and we make any claim when it comes to making and delivering personalised medals a reality.

Types of personalised medals

Our personalized medals have different types that you can choose to offer the best recognition, combining the finish with the shape you are going to give to achieve the perfect result.

The metal with which the personalized medals are made has different finishing options, so that it looks brilliant and attractive, so it is a very important decision when you ask for this accessory.

The finishes can be gold, silver or bronze, which are the most used, especially for sports competitions, in which various positions are distributed.

In addition, these three colours can be given a darker shade to obtain a different style, and a little more elegant if desired. But that is not all, as our customised medals have the option of a black and matt finish.

As for the various models of custom medals, you have three choices to combine with the finish and the figure you want to place, besides having the option of adding other colours if you wish.

One of the most requested are the medals with 2D reliefs, which can come only with the finish or include colour combinations, besides you have the ability to choose multiple shapes.

The second option is gaining a lot of strength in recent years, and is the 3D relief, which usually do not come with different colours, and you can place the image and shape you want.

Customize your medals

You can personalize your own medals with different types of finishes such as gold, silver or bronze. You can also add your own engravings, inscriptions or images.

These types of medals are used in all kinds of events and sports competitions. Medal is synonymous with a disc, prize, coin, honour or decoration.

Personalized medals with photo

Marathon commemorative medals have been produced for marathon events such as the 40th anniversary of the Berlin City Triathlon, the McAllen Marathon, the Half Marathon or to celebrate the International Marathon Championships.

Every great event or competition has its climax in the presentation of prizes or medals. Get your events to leave their mark thanks to Astur Pins’ personalised medals. You will be able to design them to your liking, including the image and inscription you wish, as well as being able to choose the material you prefer.

Contact us and send us your request. We can make medals of different types and sizes and add a description, legend or print on them as a personalised photo as a commemoration or reminder of any event or competition. We use the best materials to guarantee the best quality.

Uses of personalised medals

Our customised medals have a wide variety of uses, as they can be adapted for use on any occasion, making them an ideal accessory for celebrating and recognising different achievements.

One of the most common uses is religious, as the customised medals are placed on the figures at the time of the processions, and the logo of the guild is stamped on them, as well as generally being made with the emblem of the association to which they belong.

Sports competitions are the events in which the personalised medals have been seen most regularly, as they are awarded as a reward for achievement, depending on the position they reach, using gold, silver and bronze finishes to congratulate the first places.

Within the military barracks these accessories are also seen, which are awarded to those soldiers who have made an act of bravery worthy of recognition, and generally include a smaller cord so that it can be fitted to the shirt.

If you decide to use our customised medals, all you have to do is choose the model, shape and finish, as well as bring the image you want, and we will make a good quality, original and very attractive accessory to commemorate that special occasion.