For many years, custom magnets have been one of the favorite products among expert and amateur collectors from all over the world. Their simplicity and colourness make them a very appealing article. In Astur Pins you have the opportunity to design and produce your own custom magnets for your shop, company or collection.



Customised magnets are highly sought-after accessories by collectors, as their attractiveness and simplicity make them a very eye-catching element for everyone, as they also have very diverse and colourful models.

The good quality materials used in its elaboration, are combined with an original design and adapted to what you are looking for, which is why our personalized magnets have achieved a great recognition in the market.

You can have a place, an emblem and even your favourite character represented on these customised magnets, which you will have the opportunity to place in places such as your fridge at home, so that you can observe their attractiveness at all times.

These elements are ideal gifts for those people who like to collect small and very colourful objects, as the figures you add will also serve as part of a special memory you will have with that person.

Collectable personalized magnets

Magnets have long been a favourite among both expert and amateur collectors around the world. Their simplicity and colourfulness make them a very attractive item among people. At Astur Pins we offer you the possibility of designing and manufacturing your own personalised magnets totally to your taste, whether for your shop, company or your own collection.

At Astur Pins we are experts in creating the best quality personalised magnets for all types of clients, especially tourist shops. Modern and updated designs of all kind of characters, places and emblems very attractive for all kind of clients. Do not hesitate to contact us to get the best personalized magnets.


Customised magnets

There are different types of customized magnets that you can request according to the utility that you are going to give him, because they present/display many sizes and forms that allow to adapt of great way figure that you want to place.


They are personalized magnets ideal for storing a message, since you can place a picture followed by a sentence so that other people can see it, and it is very useful for making reminders.

Advertising magnets

These are used to present a brand to the public, and have great flexibility, as well as incredible strength, so that they can be delivered or placed in very busy places without any problem.

This kind of accessories have different shapes, according to the size of the logo you are going to place, and our personalized magnets have the novelty of having the figure you want.

Magnets with photos

A special material is used in the photo-customised magnets to adapt the image you want and to give it a laminated and glossy finish for greater durability. They can be of various shapes, including rectangular and square.

Magnets with plate

They are the best to be placed in the fridges of the house, and have a glossy finish that will give originality to the accessory, besides generally coming in a rectangular shape.

Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are an excellent option to give away, usually magnets from that tourist site you visit are given away and placed in the fridge as a souvenir.

At Asturpins we go a little further and can configure and design your own personalised magnet from your photo or a design. Thanks to our graphic design and quality control team your magnet will look very professional.

Fridge magnets are often given as gifts for weddings, christenings and communions, as well as being created by some companies for marketing purposes.   

Uses of personalized magnets

The uses of personalised magnets are very varied, as they can be used in various work environments, as well as forming part of the home decoration, depending on the figure and style you choose. 



These accessories are generally used for tourism, as they function as a nice souvenir for people visiting the place, and even within museums and various institutions, the personalized magnets are distributed.

They can represent a monument or painting of the museum you are going to, and also contain the name, shape or most iconic place of the city you are visiting, so there are many different designs available for this purpose.


Some marketing experts recommend the use of magnets personalized with the name or logo of the company printed, so that people can easily remember it every time they see it.

This is because many people use these elements to brighten up some appliances in their house, such as refrigerators. Occasionally they admire their attractiveness, which helps your brand name to be known.


As we have already said, people usually use the personalized magnets to decorate some corners of the house, and it is a very popular use nowadays, since these accessories give colour to the home.

With our personalized magnets, you can place the figure you want in your house, and even some family picture that works as a nice souvenir, so it is a very useful element.


Some companies and organisations use the customised magnets to identify themselves as members of the organisation, and the position they hold can also be placed so that they are easily recognised by those attending on site.

With all the utilities and forms that our personalized magnets can have, you can generate a greater visual impact that will help you grow as a company, and it is also a very striking gift to place on the fridge of your home.