One of the greatest Astur Pins products are our custom key chains. One of the most classic articles from our catalogue, but still succeeding among our customers. You have the posibbility of fully customizing them: design and material.

In Astur Pins you can manufacture your custom key chains in different materials: metallic, plastic, wood, rubber…Though our main specialitys are enamel key chains (hard and soft) that have a bright and hight-quality appearance, ideal for great eventas and collectors. The other big family of custom keychains are our PVC key chains, much cheaper and let you include all kind of pictures and details, ideal for gifts and marketing purposes.

Enamel key chains can be classified into two different groups: hard enamel and soft enamel. Hard enamel key chains are the highest quality you will be able to find in the market nowadays, with metal plating and hand painted are specially attractive for collectors and big occasions; while soft enamel key chains have a slightly inferior finish but their greatest advantage is an important reduction on their price, what gives them the best quality/price relation.

PVC key chains also have the same distinction: hard and soft PVC. Hard PVC key chains outstand for their great malleability and resistance to temperature and pressure. While PVC, like with enamel keychains, are slightly inferior but have a really lower price, what makes them ideal for mass productions.

There is always a good reason to buy custom key chains. Advertising, merchandising, rewarding your employees o that special present for you partner or grandparents. Don’t hesitate and get in contact wit hus, the best custom keychains manufacturers.