We find flags everywhere: balconies, town halls, protests, sport events… There are thousand different reasons you may need a custom flag. Whatever it is, in Astur Pins we will make sure you get the one that better fits your needs.


The flags are very attractive accessories, as they have designs that capture the public’s attention. They are also very useful for various situations, as they can be personalised in any way you like.

The design you want for your personalized flags can be made by yourself, which gives more originality to the accessory, and they are made with the best quality materials, so they have great resistance and durability.

Within our personalized flags you can place not only figures of all kinds, you also have the possibility of including some photo, which is a nice family gift to commemorate a special memory.

No matter what you want to put on your personalised flag, we will make it to your taste and deliver the order with the perfect design for any occasion, with the best materials that will make you enjoy this accessory for a long time.

Do you want to have a personalized and unique model of flags? Look no further! With us you can adapt your totally unified designs of personalized flags, where you will have everything you need to reflect your idea.

Since we have the best tools that will make your custom flags with the preferred design can make it totally authentic for all types of occasion, since we take into account that updating and modernization, to make it have the best finish in addition to the presentation that requires so you can have a good image.

The best quality and presentation

With us you will have the best quality and presentation, based on our professionalism and the best manufacturing materials.

We will make it possible for you to have customized flags, which have all the unification you need to represent the essence you need.

And that is why, we take into account every point you detail from the moment you hire us, until we finish your order, because it is important for us that part of what you want to represent or reflect in our work. All of this must be projected through the product, through the tools that we can at our service, which will guarantee you a good job.

Personalized flags with photo

Without a doubt you will not have to limit yourself in the design or template you need, since we have different models that you can adapt to any type of presentation you need, taking into account the unification you want to give to your personalized flag.

So we give our touch and take into account each of the important factors that can be reflected in our work for each type of project you hire us. We always seek to create a job that can have the best presentation with the best professionalism for you.

We find flags everywhere: on balconies, in town halls, at demonstrations, at sporting and leisure events… There are a thousand different reasons why you might want your own personalised flag. Whatever it is, at Astur Pins we will make sure you get the ones that best suit your needs and are completely personalised for you.  

Types of custom flags

Las banderas personalizadas presentan diversos tipos de acuerdo con la utilidad, y muchas empresas las solicitan para decorar diversos espacios de sus oficinas, por lo que se deben fabricar varios diseños.

Advertising flags

They are used for campaigns in which you want to make your brand known to many more people, so they can be personalised with the shape and colours you want, which contrast with the logo of the company or organisation you want to present.

Dispatch flags

These types of custom flags have an elegant and formal style, as they are located in the main offices of companies, to give them a more serious touch, and usually bear the name or emblem of the organization.

Wind flags

These are a little less resistant to wind than those used in sporting events, but they are still made of high quality material, and can generally be seen at events held in enclosed spaces, and are also very colourful.

Vertical flags

This type of custom flag requires a mast, so that it can be supported in the best way, and is used at the entrances to buildings or at some fairs.

Two types of vertical custom flags can be found, one with a small bar that is placed perpendicular to the mast to give it more clarity, and the other type that does not have this element.

Horizontal flags

These customized flags have an institutional style, so they are in great demand by organizations such as banks, and some of them may be fixed, but most have the ability to be raised and lowered.

Benefits of using custom flags

Our custom flags are full of a host of benefits that make many people and organizations choose one of these.

One of the main benefits is their ability to have different designs that are totally original, that adapt to the needs and tastes of the company that requests them, as well as being made with the best quality materials that allow them to last for a long time.

In addition, you do not have the need to spend a very high amount of money, because our customized flags have very low costs and are very easy to install.

For these reasons, and the elegant and luxurious style they provide, custom flags are one of the best options to decorate your company and place a striking design that will attract people.