Custom cufflinks are one of the most demanded complements by men. In Astur Pins we offer you the chance to get unique and original cufflinks that will give you the elegance you are looking for.

One of the most requested complements by men for big occasions are personalized cufflinks. At Astur Pins we offer you the possibility of obtaining unique cufflinks, completely personalised to your taste and which give you that air of elegance and class that you are looking for.

Personalised cufflinks are one of the most used components to complete the wardrobe on special occasions, as they give a lot of class and elegance to the wearer, and can be obtained in different types and in very varied forms.

They were designed to hold the palms of the double or mixed cuffs at the end of the sleeves, which are made up of two parts used to keep it attached to the garment.

This is an accessory that was used for a long time, exclusively by men, however, nowadays many women use the customised cufflinks to adorn their clothing.

The exact place where these accessories are placed is on the sides of both cuffs of the shirt, which has to be long sleeved, so that it can fit well and be noticed by the guests at the event.

The type of personalized cufflinks you choose must be according to the occasion you want to commemorate or the message you are going to transmit, so you have to choose well the shape that fits the word or image you place.

With our customised cufflinks you can give a touch of originality to your outfit, as we have the necessary elements and the best quality materials to make them, so that you can wear the figure you want.


Cufflinks are a clothing accessory, with a marked tendency to be used in a male outfit but not excluding the female one. They are placed on long sleeve shirts, specifically on the cuff.

They are bras designed to join the layers that make up the double or mixed cuffs, which are located at the end of each of the sleeves that make up a shirt. The cufflinks are also known in the world of fashion and styling as yuntas or dumbbells.


The cufflinks fit perfectly into the end buttonholes on the sides of each of the long-sleeved shirt cuffs.

There are two pieces that make up the cufflinks, one visible and one semi-covert. These are joined by a small bolt which rotates to perfectly adjust the cuffs.

The visible part of the cufflinks is usually flattened and rarely protrudes. This in turn is usually much larger compared to the concealed presence.

It should be noted that the visible piece is notable for including decorations ranging from the initials or other letters of the bearer’s name. As well as all kinds of personalised images containing this unique code of elegance and distinction.

Some companies incorporate their corporate logo on the cufflinks to complement the organizational image of their outstanding personnel and as a way of giving a gift.


The elements that make up the personalized cufflinks are two that are joined to be able to hold the cuffs, and of which one is visible and the other is slightly covered with the sleeve of the shirt.

The part of the accessory that can be seen is generally flattened and sometimes has certain protrusions, in addition to the fact that its size is a little larger than the piece that is hidden between the sleeve.

In the same way, the part of the cuff link that can be seen has some figure or inscription that contains a meaning, which gives the accessory its originality, as well as elegance to the person who wears it.


Cufflinks will always be in vogue in the fashion world. That’s why we want to invite you to buy these pieces in our shop.

Everything in order that you complement with these accessories a perfect and elegant look. Keep in mind that these are mandatory for when dressing in dinner jackets or tails.

The cufflinks are recommended for use with casual suits. Where the long sleeves of the shirt are usually longer than the traditional ones.

We design and manufacture these pieces with top quality materials. We start with the concept of making a piece of jewellery to last a lifetime. This is one of the outstanding qualities of our pieces, as not just any material or metal is suitable for the manufacture of real cufflinks.

Enter our catalogue so that you can see our available models. If you want to make a good gift to a special person, without any doubt you should choose this option.

Uses for custom cufflinks 

The uses that our custom cufflinks can have are very diverse, as they not only serve to give more class to the person wearing them, but can also work to send an advertising message.
By placing your company’s logo on these accessories, you can make your brand known to people, as well as serving as a badge that indicates that you work there, so it can also be used as identification for all the employees of the place.
Other people use it to place the initials of your name, which also serves as a sign of identity, as well as it may have some very small word or phrase written on it, which may be of common use to the bearer.
It may also contain a picture of any kind, characteristic of the person or group it represents, and serves to help other members recognize it as one of their peers.
Some of the larger and older families may use the customised cufflinks to place their shield and make themselves known as their member, which gives them some prestige and recognition.
On other occasions, it can be a good gift for someone special, as you can place a word or image that identifies them and is a nice souvenir for both of them.
Our personalized cufflinks are made with a good quality material, which can be adapted to the figure you want, so that what is going to be placed there, is perfectly adjusted and clearly seen.