Business cards are one of the simplest and more effective existing ways to provide information about you and how to contact you. And precisely because of their simplicity it’s very important to design them so they provoke a big impact on your potential clients. In Astur Pins we produce business cards of the highest quality and we help you to design so you can get the most out of them.


One of the simplest and most practical methods of providing all the necessary information about your company is personalised business cards, which you can design as you wish to make them very attractive and catch the eye of your customers.

Personalised business cards, also known as business cards, are widely used by companies, as they are made with good quality materials that provide durability and resistance, such as plastic or cardboard.

Within these are placed precisely data such as personal or institutional logo, the names and surnames of the bearer along with his position or academic title, in addition to email, contact phone numbers, address and hours of operation. All this information is provided so that people who come to your company for the first time feel confident to continue using your products or services frequently.

Business cards are one of the simplest and most effective methods of providing information about yourself and how to contact you that exist. But precisely because of their simplicity, it is very important to design them in such a way that they cause the greatest possible impact on potential customers. At Astur Pins we make the best quality business cards and we will help you design them so that you can get the most out of them.


Business cards are also known worldwide as business cards. They are mostly made of firm and durable materials such as cardboard, stikers or plastic. They display personal information in a concrete way and/or commercially in a precise manner.

These cards allow the bearer to give, on a first meeting or visit, contact details, as well as telephone and physical identification and location details. All with the aim of ensuring or promoting the provision of a service.

They are also used to identify a gift or leave a simple and brief personal message with information for the recipient. 

The idea is that the recipient or audience immediately recognises the origin of the present and if required, requests the
service in question.

Business cards are an essential and personalised item for companies and entrepreneurs who want to make themselves known. They are a very effective means of advertising and
represent the ideal plus to strengthen a corporate and formal image.

In general terms, the data that are usually incorporated in business cards in summary form are the following:

  • Personal, institutional or commercial logo.
  • Surname and first name of the bearer.
  • Position, academic title or organisational position of the person.
  • E-mail and/or contact telephone numbers.
  • Physical address.
  • Opening hours.

The distribution of the above-mentioned information within the business card, as well as the size of the letter, must be harmonious and legible. Traditionally, the background of the business card is a colour associated with the soft palette, although some people prefer dark tones.