Custom bags are one of the best Astur Pins products. More resistant than plastic bags, and more evironmental friendly, are a great solution to carry all your things, and at the same time advertise your brand or company. Don’t let this opportunity pass by and get your own custom bags with Astur Pins.


Fabric bags are very much in demand on the market today, as they are a widely used item that also helps to protect the environment due to the material they are made of, so many people like to customise them to give them more style.

These accessories are a great option because not only are they ecological, but they are also economical, reusable, very simple to manufacture and easy to obtain. They also allow you to carry a large number of items comfortably, and you can have customised fabric bags with the design you want.

Our customised cloth bags are manufactured in such a way that they fit what you are looking for, since you can order bags for specific products, as well as make designs that contain some company that you want to advertise.

In addition, the fabric used to manufacture the customised cloth bags are of very good quality, which guarantees that they will last for a long time, and you have the possibility of bringing your own design to make it more original.

What are customised cloth bags?

Cloth bags are the solution that the commercial industry has been looking for hard over the last few years. Well, it’s a successful way to contribute to our planet, plastic bags are not environmentally friendly and only contribute to the accumulation of inorganic waste that would take hundreds of years to degrade.

On the other hand, cloth bags are environmentally friendly, as they are reusable, economical, easy to obtain and extremely simple to make, and can be customized for certain products, such as bread or the better known ones such as supermarket cloth bags. .

With us, you will be able to make your brand known through an environmentally friendly gesture, as fabric bags can be customized for your brand, company or product. You will get publicity, savings and a less polluted planet through this investment!

Las bolsas de tela son uno de los grandes productos de Astur Pins. Más resistentes que las de plástico y menos contaminantes, son una gran solución para llevar todas tus cosas, además de una gran oportunidad de publicitar tu marca o empresa. Aprovecha la oportunidad que te brinda Astur Pins para fabricar tus propias bolsas de tela personalizadas.

Types of fabric bags

There are many types of cloth bags to choose from, these designs are made according to the type of product they will be carrying.

These would be the cloth bags that you will commonly find:

  • Bags made of cotton fabric, a completely biological and organic material, as well as being very easy to access.
  • Bags made of fabric with TNT, known as non-woven fabric, is a fast degrading fabric and very low cost.
  • Fabric bags made from recycled plastic materials, called PET, or polyethylene terephthalate which provide the waterproofing capabilities of these bags.

Each fabric bag can be completely different, special and unique. Of course, it is also possible to manufacture dozens of them, in different colours and bearing the brand or design customised for each client or company.

Customised cloth bags have several types that differ according to the material used for their manufacture, so you can choose which is best for the different products you are going to carry.

One of the most common are the customised cloth bags made with cotton, which is a very organic material that can be easily obtained, and has a great resistance that allows you to load a great amount of products.

Another type of customised cloth bag that is widely used are those made with non-woven fabric, known as TNT, which are very low cost as this material is rapidly degradable.

Finally, customised fabric bags made from recycled plastic materials, known as polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, are also widely used, as they have a high waterproof capacity.

How to personalize fabric bags?

Debemos definir el uso para el cuál son encargadas, entonces se podrá deducir qué tela utilizar, bien sean, telas naturales y degradables como el algodón, o de materiales reciclados como la tela no tejida o PET.

Resulta muy entretenido el proceso creativo de la confección de estas útiles y llamativas bolsas de tela, pues tal vistosidad es lo que las distingue entre las bolsas de plástico o papel común.

  • Primero se deberá conocer el uso para la cual son encargadas, si las solicita una
    panadería, un supermercado, o de manera personal.
  • Digitalizar el logo, diseño o marca que se desea colocar en las bolsas de tela.
  • Designar el medio que se implementará para personalizar las bolsas, como bien podría ser
    sublimación, impresión digital, serigrafía o bordado, en dependencia de la tela elegida.
  • Definir la gama de colores a implementarse en su confección.
  • Elegir el tamaño y capacidad de carga de cada bolsa.

Benefits of using cloth bags

Implementing this new tool in the commercial industry is beneficial for our planet and, of course, for our pocketbook as well.

They are reusable, and do not require polluting chemicals, since they are made of organic materials.
Their biodegradable waste is kind to marine animals, unlike the plastic bags that cause hundreds of sea turtle deaths each year.

They are economical, as only 1 cloth bag is equivalent to 1000 plastic bags!

They won’t break, they’ll carry the weight of your shopping and you’ll be able to take them home comfortably.

They are practical, washable, of different sizes and very light.

They can be personalized! The colour, design and print will be of your preference.

You can order them comfortably from your home and choose their design.

They are quick to make, immediate delivery, quality and low cost.

The benefits of our customised cloth bags are very diverse, not only for the person who orders them, but also for the environment, thanks to the ecological materials used in their manufacture.

In the same way, these materials allow the customised fabric bags to be reusable, so there is no need to use polluting chemicals that could damage it, the only thing you have to do is wash it and it will be ready to use again.

Biodegradable waste is also healthier for marine life, as it does not cause the death of animals in this environment, unlike plastic bags, which are also more expensive than our customised cloth bags.

The weight of the products you carry will not be a concern, as the material our customised cloth bags are made of is very strong and can handle large loads without any problems.

In addition, we give you the opportunity to choose the design you want or present one made by yourself, with the style and colour you want and the print of your preference, we take care of making it the best way.

Design your own fabric bags with us

These indispensable cloth bags cannot be missing from your home. That’s why with us you will find the best method of making these safety pins.

Our specialized team is ready to digitize the logo of your brand or product and be added to our fabric bags, so that together with you we can find the best design you can find.

We will also assure you the best quality and punctual delivery in our bags, so place your order now!