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    There are countless reasons to buy custom pins, and therefore, there are also countless types of pins to fit every occasion. In Astur Pins we take care of manufacturing all kind of custom pins so you can be sure to find what you are looking for.

    One of the main uses they have is as promotional pins. Custom pins are a very simple and effective tool to promote any brand. Their simplicity, small size and elegance allow them to be carried easily and catch the public’s attention. Many companies are using this kind of advertising products to develop their brands and reach a higher number of customers.

    Another typical reason for buying our custom pins is to advertise events. It doesn’t matter if it’s for special days (International Women’s Day, World Cancer Day…) or for private events, giving pins away can help you a lot to spread its scope and make sure it’s an absolute success.

    Many companies want their pins not just for marketing reasons, but to reward and motivate their employees. It’s just a little gesture but can enhance the moral and increase the feelings of belonging and loyalty to the group. There are very frequent as well the acts or ceremonies in which small commemorations are given to employees that have been working certain number of years for the company.

    Besides, clubs and associations form another group of pins lovers. They can create their own custom pin so their members can proudly wear it. And when they have a special celebration or event they choose to design a special commemorative pin to reward their members.

    Town halls are also very interested in custom pins. From heraldic pins with the coat of arms of their council to specific pins for special occasions. For some important events is always a good idea to give away custom pins to the attendants, so they can recall the great work your town hall is doing, moreover they will become really precious articles for heraldic collectors.

    As we have already said, commemorative pins are one of the main uses for our custom pins. They can be manufactured in different sizes and materials, so they are exactly as you imagined them. There is no better way to value the work and effort of your team than rewarding them with custom pins designed specifically for them and their achievements.

    In consequence, it doesn’t matter which is the reason why you are looking for online custom pins, you can be sure Astur Pins is the place where you will find what you are looking for. Always the highest-quality and cheapest pins.