For wearing your keys, decorate backpacks, collector or to enhance the elegance of your clothes. Custom keychains are one of the most requested products over the last years. Doesn’t matter if it’s about your favorite team, a famous character or your company logo, custom key chains are always a good idea.

Where can I get custom key chains?

Key chains are such a popular product that is countless companies and webs where you can get them. But not all of them offer you the possibility of fully customizing them. And among those that offer you that option, you have to make sure you choose the right one. First of all you have to take into account why you need those key chains: an event? Promoting your brand? Collecting? There are companies that specialize in one kind of key chains; in consequence you have to be sure about which use they are going to have.

What kind of key chains exist?

There are many types of key chains: metal, plastic, rubber and wood. But in the world of custom key chains, the kings are metallic and plastic ones. The metallic key chains are high quality, have a special brightness and are long lasting. They become one of the more coveted articles by the collectors. Plastic key chains are ideal for promoting events, their low cost and the speed they can be produced make them a powerful marketing tool.

The best custom key chains are in Astur Pins

If you are looking for the best custom key chains, you just have to visit Astur Pins. We have employees with huge experience in merchandising, collecting and manufacture of advertising products. If you want to make your own key chains, contact us and we will help you along all the process. You can send us your design or ask our department to make it for you, depending on the use you are going to give to your key chains, we will recommend you the best option in every step.